Jane 'Friday' Available

Jane Philips is presently available for a full time live in position as groom and / or house sitter, baby sitter, animal sitter and cook.  She is a knowledgeable horse woman with decades of experience and a love of horses. In addition, she has many other talents, making her an invaluable and versatile employee. 

Jane has worked for over a year at Parnham, during which time she has never been late for work nor taken a day off sick.  Her duties included schooling horses and ponies, riding out, general stable duties and liaising with the farrier, vet and maintaining equipment. Jane has shared and had sole charge of 5 horses and 1 pony which 3 riders both compete in various events including One Day Events from March to September and then hunt the rest of the year. 

Jane drives a trailer and 7.5 ton lorry. She has undertaken various sole duties such as accompanying my teenage daughter to competitions as well as many other tasks such as for example meeting a lorry with new acquisitions from Ireland at the service station on the M4 at 5 am!  She is small enough to ride children's ponies as well as the horses. 

On occasion, Jane has helped with my children by staying in the house overnight and keeping an eye on them while I was away in London. 

Jane has cooked on a regular basis and is a good chef with a good repertoire of delicious classic ‘home cooking’ style dishes.  She lives on site at Parnham where she has worked well with other members of staff and has been a valuable member of the team. 

She has been a judge at various equestrian events, worked as a consultant for a saddler and has had experience in a wide variety of yards. 

Due to a much reduced number of horses in the yard and the advent of a full time live in housekeeper/cook, Jane’s position is no longer tenable. 

For further information call Emma Treichl 01308 861186/ 07881 505050 

Photographs from hunt events.

There are two sites where our hunt photographs are now posted.  The links are listed below and  both allow free download of images. We hope you enjoy them and kindly ask for a £5 honour donation to the hunt which you can give to Charlie MacEwan or Gigi Richardson at any meet.

Click here to see some great photographs that Tanzy Lee has uploaded to his own web space

Mark Thistlewood's great action shots can be seen on:   

AND some archived photos on


Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance Coast-to-Coast Sponsored 55 Mile Bicycle Ride

The Team O'Tumblers kindly and enthusiastically organised by Rupert Rees, wins the 'Most Money Raised' award as this group raised £19,000 in aid of the Air Ambulance coast-to-coast bike ride.  The total raised was £60,000. Well done the team!

Pictured are Emilie Gordon Head and Charlie Richardson who both completed it for the first time in 2015 and have gamely signed up to ride it again this year.  

 Emily Gordon & Charlie Richardson.jpg

 January 2016



Merrily Harpur, the celebrated artist, cartoonist and writer, has produced a beautiful and much needed hunt map showing 187 coverts in the Cattistock territory we currently hunt. Created in classic style and with some nice little cameos it really is a must have.


Maps are available for £25, or £30 with bars to hang them, through the Cattistock Hunt Supporters Club via or phone 07815751592.

 If you want to see other work by Merrily, visit


18th - 20th March    Aldon BE Horse Trials

2nd May    CH Point to Point.  Little Windsor

12th June    Clay Shoot

25th June    Charity 21st party to remember Ella Pallister

7th August   Cattistock Countryside Show at CHILFROME

24th - 25th Sept.  Bricky BE Horse Trials

2nd October   Bricky Fun Day Hunter trial

20th -23rd Oct. Aldon BE Horse Trials 




Matt Preston of Fortunes Wood Farm produces fabulous organic Aberdeen Angus beef.

01935 83309 or via email at


A great turnout at the recent clay shoot saw many benefit from the skilled and entertaining instructors who were on hand to help as well as enjoying swapping success or otherwise stories afterwards over a burger or two. Our thanks to Gareth, Hannah and family, Rob, Walter and Dan Whitehouse who organised the instructors.