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Photographs from hunt events.

There are two sites where our hunt photographs are now posted.  The links are listed below and  both allow free download of images. We hope you enjoy them and kindly ask for a £5 honour donation to the hunt which you can give to Charlie MacEwan or Gigi Richardson at any meet.


Click HERE for a link to Tanzy Lee's photos for current 2017-2018 season.


Click here to see some great photographs that Tanzy Lee has uploaded to his own web space from previous years




Mark Thistlewood's great action

shots can be seen on:   




Merrily Harpur, the celebrated artist, cartoonist and writer, has produced a beautiful and much needed hunt map showing 187 coverts in the Cattistock territory we currently hunt. Created in classic style and with some nice little cameos it really is a must have.


Maps are available for £25, or £30 with bars to hang them, through the Cattistock Hunt Supporters Club via or phone 07815751592.

 If you want to see other work by Merrily, visit


Matt Preston of Fortunes Wood Farm produces fabulous organic Aberdeen Angus beef.

01935 83309 or via email at




Four well mannered horses available for lease.
On Saturdays £200 per day, returning to box at 2nd horses, or at owner’s discretion, depending on day, terrain and conditions. 
Weekdays £150, length of hunting day at owner’s discretion.
See ADVERT tab for details and please contact 
Emma Treichl 07881505050